Increasing Speed on the Pitch for Field Hockey Players

With practice and proper form, field hockey players can improve their speed. By understanding and perfecting your running technique, you can train your muscles to work correctly and efficiently, developing the ability to quickly accelerate.


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Field hockey is a sport that requires quick reflexes and constant changes in direction. To develop and increase your explosive acceleration, you need to work on your sprints. This anaerobic exercise not only develops your cardio fitness, but your agility and strength too. Sprint training helps to strengthen core muscles, making it easier for you to perform quick cuts and transitions throughout the game.

Sprint Training

When performing sprints, you need to expend maximum energy for the whole sprint duration. The harder you work, the quicker you will build muscle. Rest properly in between sprints for around 1-2 minutes, because the process of resting your muscles will allow you to apply maximum power on the following sprint. Sprint for a variety of short distances in each training session.

Watch Videos for Specific Exercises and Technique

Watch a hockey drill video for new ideas and correct technique when it comes to sprinting. will provide you with plenty of drills to perform to increase your speed on the field, as well as perfecting other hockey skills and techniques. Try sprint training on a hill or a running machine with incline, to build up muscle quickly and increase stamina and explosive power.

Push-up Sprint

Start lying on the ground and at the sound of a whistle or shout, push-up with your hands under your shoulders and bring one foot forward under your body to begin a sprint. By practising this movement, you will increase the explosive power of your first step. Quick reactions will serve you well in a game of hockey and push-up sprints will help develop your reflexes.

Change-direction Sprint

Essential to the game of hockey are quick directional changes, dodges and pivots. Having the ability to turn quickly and regain your momentum is a key skill in hockey, and perfecting these directional changes at speed will get you to the ball first. Begin the sprint as you would a push-up sprint, but on lifting your body and reaching the sprint position, turn 90 degrees and sprint to your new marker. Complete in one fluid motion.

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